Master Site Plan

Fanning Bend at Tims Ford Lake is ideal for a rustic retreat vacation home or primary residence.

The Fanning Bend property is a special place that deserves a unique approach in how it is developed. Fanning Bend on Tims Ford Lake is a planned, rural neighborhood development occupying approximately 200 acres on a peninsula along Tims Ford Lake in Franklin County, near Winchester, Tennessee. Bordered by a quiet spring-fed, deep water lake for recreational boating, fishing and hiking. With a backdrop of the southern Cumberland Plateau mountains, Fanning Bend at Tims Ford Lake is ideal for a vacation home or primary residence.

The focus is to create a unique, private lake retreat that features site sensitive architecture designed for this unique environment. This concept relates to the planning of the homes, the community conservation zones, the low impact design of the vehicular circulation system, the architectural guidelines for the structures, and the overall feel of the community. A maximum of ten percent of these parcels are slated for townhomes and the remaining lots are intended for single family residences.

Protection zones enhance the sense of privacy on the individual lots, but also provides common areas for wildlife, walking, biking, and community activities. Added amenities include common green spaces, trails, docks, and a gathering area. In an effort to further reinforce the goals for Fanning Bend, all development and construction is encouraged to incorporate strategies that concentrate on conservation, preservation, and protection into their plans. Fanning Bend on Tims Ford Lake provides a unique experience and sense of identity while creating a true conservation community.

aerial Fanning Bend at Tim Fords Lake